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School teaching aids are an essential part of the equipment of any educational institution. JANGAR is an experienced manufacturer, direct importer and distributor of teaching aids and research instruments for the school market. Educational aids offered by us are for teachers a significant facilitation of their work, while for pupils it is a huge enrichment of teaching activities.

We combine the practicality of classic teaching aids with the latest technological developments to provide you with the best equipment for your school or institution. We follow the current trends in education - robots, coding kits, 3D printers and more, but without forgetting teaching aids such as natural specimens, models and the always-needed experimental kits for school experiments. Our teaching aids make teachers' work easier and students' lessons more attractive.

The "JANGAR" equipment offer includes, first of all, teaching aids for schools and kindergartens, but is also directed to a wide range of institutions and institutions conducting educational and scientific activities. We also offer equipment for entire subject laboratories, including the provision of teaching aids for a natural science laboratory, a physics laboratory, a biology laboratory, a geography laboratory, as well as an ecology laboratory - an eco-room and a green laboratory.

In the case of many educational programmes announced by municipalities, the Ministry of Education (e.g. funds from the educational subsidy reserve or the current programme Laboratories of the Future) or earmarked funds, an important criterion for selection is trust in the supplier and his experience in handling both small and larger orders, as well as assistance and care after the completion of the order for the selected school equipment or a specific subject laboratory. Not to mention good prices, realising that education always has a limited amount of funds for the purchase of teaching aids and school equipment.

That is why we invite you to contact the JANGAR Sales Office - we will advise you!

An example is the 3D printer we offer within the framework of the Laboratory of the Future - the current programme in the version for public local government primary schools. An identical 3D printer to the one we offer and have been supplying to schools since last year is being used by our Graphics Department and a guide to it is being updated all the time. If you have problems getting the print results you want, you can call us and ask for advice that you won't find in the 3D printer manufacturers' manuals - this is advice from practitioners that will save teachers nerves and time that is constantly in short supply at school.

If we are talking about the Laboratory of the Future programme and technological innovations and advances, we cannot fail to mention our entire family of educational robots.

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And that's not all! It's worth getting to know our bunch of educational robots. Everyone will find "their" robot here. For the most dedicated or advanced - of course our JD Humanoid Robot (PL) - a real hit on the market - it does push-ups, stands on its head, dances, sings, writes, recognises faces.... In short, it can do a lot of things that... many of us can't ;-) Now that's what we call enjoyable learning...!

Then, there's the ATOROBOT family of robots, the EDU-POJAZD Robot for C Arduino graphics programming, as well as the mini robot we see in factories, i.e. the Mechanical Robot Arm on a running chassis, the hilarious FROG Frog Robot, the Crawler Robot, or the "light-loving" Educational Robot that follows the light of the sun. And that's not all!

We can't forget the amazing CUBROID smart bricks - programmable and wireless, additionally compatible with the world's most popular bricks. They look like high-quality building blocks, but.... They are programmable (Scratch, block...) because they are equipped inside with sensors (sound, movement...) and actuators, so they can be used to build almost anything - a robot, vehicles, Christmas tree, guitar, etc. They are wireless and can be programmed and controlled with a tablet or smartphone. It has 3 levels of coding - from simplest to advanced. For everyone - children 4+ and teenagers.

It would also be a mistake to underestimate the seemingly unassuming KODBIT robot cube, a clever cube for learning programming. So inconspicuous, yet so simple and clever at the same time. Once programmed, the KODBIT robot offers many functions: playing music, responding to voice, displaying symbols, BT control, obstacle avoidance, line tracing and much more. In addition to the instructions, this robot also comes with ready-made programming projects - as many as 14 - in the C language of the Arduino IDE or blockchain. In fact, KODBIT is a unique educational robot that aims to provide hands-on learning of programming from electronics basics to microcontroller control. The included instruction manual in the form of a primer takes you step-by-step through the ins and outs of building robots, explains how their control is done, and then teaches you how to programme the robot in C.

To make things even more interesting, the CUBROID and KODBIT are compatible with each other and with other popular bricks, including LEGO®.

Is that all there is to it? Of course not. We invite you to take a detailed look at our range. It's well worth it!

March 2022 - HELP UKRAINIAN CHILDREN studying in Polish schools

Aware of the difficult situation of Ukrainian families in forced exile in Poland, especially those who came (fled from the war) to Poland with their school-age children, the moment we realised that Ukrainian refugees would have to stay in Poland longer and therefore Ukrainian children would become pupils in Polish schools, we started preparing and translating our instructions and work sheets into Ukrainian.

They are attached FREE of charge to all JANGAR-prepared for Ukrainian students and teachers teaching in Ukrainian classes or classes with Ukrainian students didactic resources used in Polish schools for teaching physics, biology, chemistry, geography, foreign languages (Polish language, Ukrainian language, English language...), mathematics and everyday issues such as waste segregation.

Prepared materials for Ukrainian students and teachers at schools with Ukrainian students include instructions, descriptions and worksheets for experimental and experimental kits, demonstration models, student models, microscopes, microscope slides (microscope kits), manipulative teaching and learning aids, educational charts teaching games, teaching mats, teaching aids for outdoor activities, laboratory glassware and scales, including kits for physics and chemistry laboratory classes, and many other school teaching aids to support the work of schools and, above all, teachers who teach various school subjects and who have taken the trouble to educate Ukrainian children.

We hope that the materials we provide to support these teachers in their work with Ukrainian children will make the teachers' work easier and Ukrainian children will feel more confident and at ease in our schools.

School textbooks in Ukrainian will not replace active participation of children in the process of teaching a particular subject, it is worth including them in the course of learning by enabling them to actively participate in lessons with the help of boards, models and experimental sets, as well as enabling learning through play - in Polish and Ukrainian, i.e. the whole school class - in this case, for example, boards and mats with double descriptions (Polish and Ukrainian) will come in handy.

It is worth noting that the materials we have prepared in Ukrainian for teaching biology, physics, chemistry, geography and other school subjects

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