Learning in Ukrainian / Навчання українською мовою

We are proud to announce that we just now offer a wide range of teaching aids in Ukrainian language to support Ukrainian children - pupils and students in their school education, specially outside their own country. The teaching aids and school equipment offered by Jangar are accompanied with rich teaching materials, which in case of experimental and lab kits can include instruction manual for a teacher, worksheets for students, games, and film material... In case of the kits and sets the manual is often over 100 pages long, fully in Ukrainian language!   ***   We still work out new learning materials in Ukrainian version assisting the Ukrainian the use of our educational resources - experiment kits, teaching sets, models, charts, and others - to help integrate Ukrainian children and teenagers at schools abroad to give them the same chance in learning course. They can use the same model, set, as their foreign schoolmates, but in their own language version (fully Ukrainian).

Class charts of our own production can be printed on demand:
• only in Ukrainian
• in two or more languages simultaneously, for example in Polish/English and Ukrainian.

We invite you to check our offer of educational materials for Ukrainian children and students - teaching aids with additional, separate instruction manuals in Ukrainian language. IMPORTANT - Instruction manuals and charts are translated into Ukrainian by the Ukrainian translators, and are not translated by machine. It allows students, teachers, and school assistants to learn and teach using correct vocabulary, naming and terminology in Ukrainian.

Sample (fragments) of our instruction manual in Ukrainian language:
Experimental Physics for Students Kit - Electricity (P-BOX)

Physics for students...
Physics for students from Ukraine / Фізика
Chemistry for students...
Chemistry for students from Ukraine / Хімія
Biology for Ukrainian...
Biology for Ukrainian students / Біологія

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It was important to us to prepare as wide range of teaching resources in Ukrainian language as possible. And we did it. And even more - we still work out new Ukrainian versions of teaching aids. Some of them are Ukrainian versions of our charts or floor mats, but sometimes these are instruction manuals and worksheets for big kits or sets and exceed 100 or more pages of instructions and notes for teachers as well as worksheets for Ukrainian students. We decided to prepare full Ukrainian versions of the offerred educational resources to let teachers, pupils, and students concentrate on school curricula and real integration than on long-time translations. This is our role to make teaching and learning easier and more enjoyable for both teachers and students.

Why working out and supplying schools with Ukrainian versions of instruction manuals has been so important?

There is a growing number of Ukrainian pupils and students who have moved to Poland and started their education in Polish schools. These students face a language barrier that often makes it difficult for them to fully participate in the classroom and understand the curriculum. Providing Ukrainian versions of instructional materials for various subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, nature studies, mathematics, primary education, and others would be of great help to these students.

Having access to instructional materials in their native language would allow Ukrainian students to better understand the material being taught, which would in turn enhance their learning experience and academic performance. It would also promote inclusivity and help these students feel more comfortable and accepted in the classroom, which is essential for their academic success and overall well-being.

In addition, providing Ukrainian versions of instructional materials would help bridge the gap between Polish and Ukrainian education systems, as students could compare and contrast the differences in the approach to teaching these subjects in their respective countries. This could foster cultural exchange and create a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's educational systems.

Therefore, creating Ukrainian versions of instructional materials for various subjects would be a valuable investment in the education of Ukrainian students in Polish schools and contribute to their success and integration into the educational system.

Below, we list other reasons for creating full Ukrainian versions of kits, sets, models and other school supplies JANGAR supplies to schools with - so far - reach Polish manuals.

The need to create Ukrainian versions of instructional materials for various school subjects, such as physics, chemistry, biology, nature studies, mathematics, and primary education, arises from the increasing number of Ukrainian students who have migrated to Poland and started attending Polish schools. These students often face difficulties in adapting to the new educational system, which operates in a language they are not fully proficient in.

By providing Ukrainian versions of instructional materials, Polish schools can ensure that Ukrainian students have access to the same level of education as their Polish peers, regardless of their language barriers. This will enable these students to fully participate in the classroom and engage with the curriculum, which will contribute to their academic success and integration into the Polish society.

Moreover, having Ukrainian versions of instructional materials will also benefit Polish teachers who have Ukrainian students in their classes. These materials can facilitate communication with their Ukrainian students and help them understand complex concepts and subject matter. This will not only improve the quality of education for Ukrainian students but also enhance the overall teaching and learning experience in Polish schools.

In summary, the creation of Ukrainian versions of instructional materials is a necessary step in ensuring equal access to education for Ukrainian students in Polish schools. It will help these students overcome language barriers, promote their academic success, and facilitate integration into the Polish society, while also supporting Polish teachers in their efforts to provide high-quality education to all students.

What is offered for Ukrainian pupils and students learning in Polish schools?

"Learning in Ukrainian / Навчання українською мовою" offers a wide range of educational aids designed to support Ukrainian students in Polish schools. The resources include instructional materials in Ukrainian for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and geography. The products are tailored to facilitate integration and provide equal learning opportunities for Ukrainian students by using accurate Ukrainian terminology. This part of the educational offer also features bilingual teaching resources and games aimed at promoting cultural exchange and understanding. All these aim to help Ukrainian students better understand their coursework and integrate smoothly into the Polish education system, also by offering bilingual resources to facilitate learning and cultural exchange. If each product features both Polish and Ukrainian language content, it helps students understand the curriculum more effectively and facilitates communication between teachers and students.

What is offered for Ukrainian students in Polish schools - examples of the teaching aids offered by jangar.pl:

Bilingual Textbooks and Workbooks. They cover essential subjects like mathematics, science, and geography, presenting content in both Polish and Ukrainian. This ensures that Ukrainian students can follow along with the same material as their Polish peers, reducing the language barrier.

Educational Games. Games designed to promote language learning and cultural exchange, such as memory and card games featuring information about Poland and Ukraine, are included. These interactive tools make learning fun and engaging, helping students learn new vocabulary and facts about both cultures.

Instruction Manuals and Materials. Detailed instruction manuals in both languages for various educational kits and experiments. This makes it easier for Ukrainian students to participate in practical activities and understand complex concepts. Some of them you can also find on an educational platform mobilesson.pl.

Visual Aids. Bilingual posters, charts, and maps that help students visually grasp educational content. These aids are particularly useful in subjects like geography and science, where visual representation is key to understanding.

Language Learning Resources. Materials specifically designed to improve language skills, including bilingual dictionaries and language courses tailored for Ukrainian students learning Polish. Also available in interactive form as games, quizzes, and crosswords, etc. on an educational platform mobilesson.pl.

These resources aim to provide Ukrainian students with the tools they need to succeed academically while promoting an inclusive and supportive learning environment. By offering materials in both languages, jangar.pl helps bridge the gap between Polish and Ukrainian educational systems, fostering better integration and mutual understanding.

Why is it so important for leveling the playing field and ensuring the well-being of Ukrainian students in Polish schools to prepare and provide bilingual, identical instructions for educational aids in the schools where they study?

Providing bilingual, identical instructions for educational aids is crucial for leveling the playing field and ensuring the well-being of Ukrainian students in Polish schools. These materials help bridge the language gap, allowing Ukrainian students to fully understand and participate in their lessons. This approach fosters an inclusive learning environment, reduces feelings of isolation, and enhances academic performance. By offering resources in both languages, schools support effective integration, promote cultural exchange, and ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed.

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