Cognition and exploration of water, soil, air

Water - Soil - Air: Exploration and Investigation

Our assortment of environmental instruments and teaching aids includes modern and easy-to-use research instruments and sets, experimental kits, educational models and charts, to be used by schools, educational centres, as well as such organizations like forestry departments or water management institutions. We offer, among others, Eco-Explorer suitcases, sets and tools for air analysis, soil sampling, and water investigation and sampling. Our range of instruments enables also such activities like filtration and sieving, as well as modelling environmental processes that illustrate water cycle in nature or soil formation processes.

Experimental School Kits for Investigating Soil, Water, and Air

Teaching about water, soil, and air is extremely important in schools because it fosters basic environmental awareness since early years. Students learn how their actions impact the environment and realize the importance of protecting the natural environment and the planet's resources. Practical lessons using our educational tools not only enrich theoretical knowledge but also develop analytical skills, critical thinking, and interest in natural sciences.

Practical exploration and investigation of water, soil, and air are the most effective ways for students to understand these essential components of our environment. Our extensive selection of modern tools, kits, and models enables students to conduct hands-on experiments and observations. By using educational and research aids such as lichen scale charts, air quality testing kits, and soil impact kits, students can better understand complex ecological processes and their direct and indirect effects on life on Earth. They also learn how to live sustainably to preserve our planet.

Practical Environmental Education

Practical learning about natural phenomena and ecology is much more effective through conducting various experiments and analyses. During these activities, students can form hypotheses, draw conclusions, and quickly absorb knowledge about the natural environment. Modern teaching aids significantly support these processes, stimulating imagination and helping to develop environmental awareness among students.

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Soil analysis
Soil analysis
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Air quality

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