Technology and Design

Technology and Design is nowadays an important school subject to let children develop their design and technology skills, as well as creating and conducting their own projects. Using different materials and media suggested by school curriculum and of their own choice they can design and create real products turning the theory and their ideas into practice. It is very involving and up-to-date activities. There is also a great chance to conduct group projects and learn how to cooperate in a school team efficiently.

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Technology and Design should be mainly a practical subject at schools of all levels. Theoretical background and basis of it we can also be found and learned during other lessons like mathematics, physics or computer science. Technology  classes are primarily designed to arouse students' interest in surrounding us technologies, specially so called new technologies. They also help them understand the principles of operation of machines or electrical equipment, they also familiarize them with the principles of processing textiles, materials and plastics. It is thanks to them that children acquire a lot of practical knowledge, so it is worth making the classes more interesting by using usefull teaching aids, including modern ones.

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