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Ecolabbox Mobile Environmental Lab

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A fascinating set of testing tools and reagents placed in a special case designed to be used as a mobile lab.

The set enables:
- testing of water, including determination (reagents) of phosphate (PO4), nitrate (NO3), nitrite (NO2), ammonium (NH4), pH and water hardness, as well as testing of sediment and observation of many other water-related factors.
- study of soil, including soil composition and components (tests with reagents for the content of phosphates, nitrates, ammonium and determination of soil pH), soil organisms, soil-forming process,
- observation of small animal, terrestrial and aquatic organisms, including bioindicators,
- observation of vegetation, including their dependence on water and soil quality.

The set is designed as a field mini-laboratory, hence, among others, a folding tripod for testing with reagents.
Clear instructions guide you "step by step" and the quality of the reagents ensures the reliability of the tests.

What is in the box?
• Testkits for 50 determinations of pH / Ammonium/Nitrate / Nitrite / Phosphate / total hardness
• extraction solutions for soil tests / 2 x 250 ml and 1 x 250 ml
• 6 test glasses,
• Colour chart for tests,
• Beaker 120 ml,
• Sampling bottle 100 ml and 250 ml,
• Funnel and stand for filtration,
• Filter paper (folded),
• Bug viewer (cup magnifying glasses for easy determination of small animals),
• Special tweezers for careful observation of small animals,
• Waterproof DIN A4 mat for biological tests,
• 2 plastic pipettes,

  • instruction with sheets describing all water and soil tests,
  • yellow, durable suitcase with carrying strap.

The reagents for testing the listed parameters are sufficient for 50 tests each. All reagents for the determination of the above mentioned parameters can be easily disposed – whether in concentrated or diluted form.

Measuring ranges of the tests:
pH-value in water 3 to 9
Nitrate in water 10 to 80 mg/ l
Ammonium in water 0,05 to 10 mg/l
Phosphate in water 0,5 to 6 mg/l
Nitrite in water 0,02 to 1,0 mg/
Total hardness in water: 1 drip = 1°dH (German Hardness Degree)
pH-value in soil 3 to 9
Nitrate in soil 10 to 80 mg/l
Phosphate in soil 0,5 to 6 mg/l
Ammonium in soil 0,05 to 10 mg/l

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