Planetarium with a northern sky

Planetarium with a northern sky

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The carefully designed, backlit and movable model with the Earth and other planets circulating around the Sun and the Moon circling the Earth every 29.5 "days. It allows to explain such concepts as: astronomical year, variability of day and night and seasons, changes in the length of the shadow over time, phases of the Moon, the phenomenon of eclipse, and the tidal phenomenon.

Special transparent hemisphere with constellations of the northern sky shows their location seen from different places in the northern hemisphere and their "moving" in the night sky. Careful construction of the model allows for setting a selected date as well as the place of "observation" on the globe, and helps to explain the concepts of solar and star time. The planetarium consists of: a base with a control panel (38 cm diameter) and moving models of the Sun, the Moon and the planets of the solar system (they circulate around the Sun at relatively correct speeds) and data concerning the calendar, zodiac signs, degrees; the globe of the Earth, a human figure and many other elements. Electrically powered model.

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