Insects - set of 25 microscopic preparations

Insects - set of 25 microscopic preparations

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MACHINE TRANSLATION (not authorised yet)

<1. mosquito (Culex) - female
2. mosquito (Culex) - male
3. home fly
4. fruit fly
5. female and male mosquito heads
6. male mosquito mouth apparatus
7. female mosquito mouth apparatus
8. Butterfly - mouth apparatus (sucker)
9. domestic fly - sucking trumpet (proboscis)
10. honey bee - mouth apparatus
11. insect legs - combing
12. domestic fly legs
13. insect legs - floating
14. Legs of an insect - jumping
15. Legs of an insect - with pollen
16. Wings of a cricket - stirring apparatus
17. Wing of a house fly
18. Wing of a butterfly with scales
19. Insect sensors - different
20. 21. shrimp's eye (comparative), p.pp.
22. insect's cornea eye (beads)
23. honey bee - queen's ovary
24. insect's trachea
25. grasshopper - Malpighi's coils (excretory bow)

Serious! For the convenience of users, especially at school during lessons, all the preparations in the set have an individual sticker on the basic slide with the number and Polish name of the preparation as described above, and not just the number and common list. This facilitates the use, distribution and collection of the preparations.

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