Physics in a suitcase 2: Mechanics of fluids and gases -

Physics in a suitcase 2: Mechanics of fluids and gases

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The Mechanics of Liquids and Gases set from the Physics in a Suitcase series contains 36 pieces, including all the tubes and vessels needed to explore basic mechanics concepts. With this kit, students can investigate typical experiments such as Boyle's law, Cartesian diver and Bernoulli's principle. The set enables students to carry out several experiments in mechanics according to the included worksheets in the accompanying instructions. All the elements in the set are placed in an aluminium case padded with sponge.                                                                                    

Experiments (worksheets):

    Water flowing out of a spout
    Mariotte bottle.
    Piston pump.
    Boyle's law and the syringe.
    Pascal's sphere.
    Connected vessels.
    Determination of the density of a liquid using a U-tube.
    Open manometer.
    Hare's apparatus.
    Cartesian diver.
    Bernoulli's equation.
    Venturi tube.
    Viscometric tube. Ostwald viscometer.
    Capillary tube.

1 x Syringe 20 ml;
1 x 5 ml syringe;
1 x Base for capillary tubes and connected vessels;
1 x U-tube manometer base;
1 x Mariotte bottle tube, glass;
1 x Hare's apparatus;
2 x Modular universal base with 3 screws;
1 x Measuring cylinder 100 ml;
1 x 50 ml measuring cylinder;
1 x Caliper;
1 x U-tube manometer with tripod;
1 x Metal rods 30 cm twistable with each other (with male and female end);
4 x Bracket, rounded ends 35 cm;
1 x Silicone tubing;
1 x 250 ml beaker, plastic;
4 x Styrofoam beads covered with aluminum foil;
1 x Rubber stopper with one hole for Mariotte bottle;
1 x Funnel 10 cm, plastic;
1 x Food coloring;
1 x Ping-Pong ball;
1 x Mariotte bottle;
1 x Pascal's sphere;
1 x Culture tube 13 x 100, glass with screw cap;
2 x Tripod foot connector;
1 x Piston pump;
2 x Tripod clamp foot;
1 x PVC tube, transparent, 25 cm;
1 x Silicone lubricant;
1 x U-shaped drying tube;
1 x Ostwald viscometer;
1 x Venturi taper;
1 x Connected vessels;
1 x Capillary tubes;
1 x Instructions with worksheets.

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