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Physics in a suitcase 3: Heat

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The Physics in a Suitcase 3: Heat set consists of 54 items, including all the thermometers, beakers, test tubes and dishes needed to explore basic concepts in introductory thermodynamics. With this kit, students can carry out experiments such as Newton's law of cooling, specific heat and the expansion of solids, liquids and gases. The set allows for a dozen experiments to be carried out according to the included worksheets in the accompanying instructions. All the elements in the set are placed in an aluminium case padded with sponge.      

Experiments (work cards):

    The secret of hot tea. Newton's cooling law.
    Specific heat of selected metals.
    Specific heat of water.
    Thermal expansion of water.
    Heat of fusion.
    Linear expansion of a solid.
    Phase transitions and cooling curves.
    Thermal conductivity in a metal rod.
    Heat transfer by convection.
    "Thermometer of love".
    Thermal expansion of a gas.
    Thermal expansion of liquids.

1 x Digital Meter;
2 x Non-mercury thermometer;
1 x Thermocouple;
1 x Sponge (Thermal Insulation);
1 x Wire mesh with ceramic center;
1 x Tripod top for Bunsen burner;
1 x Tripod feet for Bunsen burner;
4 x Cable with banana plugs 50 cm;
1 x Neoprene hose;
3 x Tripod foot connector;
1 x Rubber stopper for suction flask, with one hole;
1 x Rubber stopper for suction flask, without hole;
1 x dial indicator, range 0-10 mm, sensitivity 0.01 mm;
1 x Bunsen burner;
1 x Glass tube long;
1 x Silicone tubing;
3 x U-shaped rods, brass;
3 x U-shaped rods, aluminum;
3 x U-shaped rods, stainless steel;
1 x Specific heat test cylinders (brass, iron, lead, copper);
1 x Bimetallic strip;
1 x Beaker 100 ml;
1 x Centrifuge tube;
1 x Calorimeter dish with lid;
1 x Silicone grease;
1 x 250 ml beaker;
4 x Paraffin blocks;
1 x U-shaped glass tube;
1 x Battery holder for two batteries;
1 x Steel and aluminum rods;
1 x Tripod ring;
1 x 500 ml beaker;
1 x Metal rods 30 cm, twistable with each other (with male and female end);
2 x Metal rod 35 cm, without holes;
1 x Two glass bubbles connected by a tube;
1 x 100 ml measuring cylinder;
2 x Modular universal base with 3 screws;
1 x Single battery holder;
2 x clamping foot for tripod;
1 x Food coloring;
1 x Suction flask 500 ml;
1 x Pliers;
1 x Manual with worksheets.

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