Water turbine - model based on

Water turbine - model based on

Product reference: Fiz000383

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A working model of a water turbine connected to a water source, with a transparent glass pane at the front to allow observation of its operation. The turbine is connected to a small generator that generates electricity, whose operation (flow) is visible through, among other things (included in the kit!) a glowing bulb, LED, Newton's color wheel rotating on the motor axis (and other circuit elements, including a 2-band switch). The water wheel visible through the glass is made of chromium-plated brass and the turbine housing is made of cast aluminium. The turbine is designed to be connected to a low-pressure water source; 25-millimetre drainage hoses and inlet tubes with a larger inlet adapter are included.
All components of the kit including the turbine are mounted on a stable base, which makes it very easy to use and demonstrate the operation of the turbine. The operation of the turbine can be seen through the front transparent wall, while the use of the generated current can be seen with a small engine connected to the turbine, hence the operating turbine will "light" a light bulb, an LED or turn the Newton wheel to see the color additionality. Switching between the bulb and the Newton wheel is possible with a mounted switch. The LED lights up continuously while the turbine is running, but you can take it out of the sockets and connect another element to the circuit instead (sockets are 4mm). So it is a very illustrative and developing teaching aid, which not only demonstrates the operation of a water turbine, but also presents the energy conversion and the structure of the electrical circuit.

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