Physics in a Suitcase 9 - Electronics

Physics in a Suitcase 9 - Electronics

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The set Electronics from the Physics in a suitcase series enables you to carry out a dozen or so experiments in the field of electronics, in accordance with the supplied worksheets included in the instruction manual.  The kit allows for quick and easy assembly of electronic circuits by using the circuit board and elements included in the kit. The kit allows students to become familiar with selected basic elements and circuits used in electronics. During the exercises, students become familiar with the markings of electronic components, schematics of electronic circuits and theoretical principles of their operation. During experiments, students use elements included in the case, build and test real circuits, according to the schematic diagrams included in the manual. They can also build their own electronic circuits. All the elements in the set are placed in an aluminium case padded with stiff sponge with cut-out sockets matching the set elements.

Experiments (worksheets):

    A silicon diode polarized in the conduction direction.
    A half-wave rectifier.
    Zener diode.
    A transistor as a switch.
    PNP power transistor - current gain measurement.
    IR infrared diode and phototransistor.
    Light dependent resistor (LDR).
    Light dependent resistor (LDR) - application.
    Silicon rectifier (SCR).
    Single junction transistor.
    Astable multivibrator.
    Full-wave rectifier.

Power supply not included
Physics in a Suitcase 9 - Electronics

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