Set of 120 glass elements and laboratory equipment

Set of 120 glass elements and laboratory equipment

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The set contains more than 120 items of high-quality basic laboratory glass (tubes, beakers, scales, pipettes,...) and advanced glass (cooler, burette,...), as well as the necessary equipment (tripods, scissors, tweezers, pliers, brushes,...). It allows to carry out basic, typical chemical experiments as well as to build more advanced equipment (using e.g. radiator, burette, connection tubes, glass with side arms, etc.). Thus, it is possible to start with the preparation and separation of mixtures, and to achieve more complex methods such as titration or distillation.

Set composition:
- Burette 10 ml, straight glass tap, graduation 0.05 ml
- Liebig's cooler, borosilicate, length:
- Burette 10 ml, straight glass tap, graduation 0.05 ml
- Liebig's cooler, borosilicate, length:
- Measuring cylinder, borosilicate, 100 ml
- Measuring cylinder, borosilicate, 250 ml
- Distillation flask 150 ml, borosilicate, round bottom, with side arm
- Round bottomed flask, 100 ml borosilicate, narrow neck
- Flat bottomed flask, 250 ml borosilicate, narrow neck
- Conical flask 250 ml, narrow neck, borosilicate
- Borosilicate crystallizer. with discharge, 100 mm, h=50 mm
- Glass tubes, diameter 6 mm
- Funnel 50 mm, glass-borosilicon.
- Funnel 75 mm, glass-borosilicon.
- 5ml multidimensional pipette, glass
- 10ml multidimensional pipette, glass
- Glass bag with spatula, 20 cm long, 7 mm
- Tube 125x16 mm, 10 ml, borosilicate.
- Petri dish, glass borosilicate.., 50x17 mm
- Watch glass, 60 mm
- Glass thermometer -10...+110 °C, mercury-free
- Dropper-pipette, glass with rubber nipple
- Scissors for preparation, straight, stainless, long, with spatula. 125 mm long
- 250 ml measuring beaker, high, borosilicate ((6x 12 cm (H))
- 400 ml measuring beaker, high, borosilicate ((6.8 x 13,5 cm (H))
- Porcelain spoon with spatula 140 mm
- Mortar with spout, with pestle, rough 150 ml, outer diameter 105 mm
- Porcelain crucible 40 ml, high (outer-glazed./inside. b/base) with lid, h=40 mm
- Porcelain evaporator 200 ml, 120 mm, plate, with spout
- Combustion spoon with protective collar, 35 cm
- Preparation scissors, straight, stainless, length 125 mm
- Stainless tweezers, straight, 130 mm
- Universal laboratory pliers, length 30 cm
- Beaker pliers, Total length 23 cm
- Tube stand plastic, 20 sockets
- Mohr crimper
- Pipette pipette brush, 250 ml
- Pear for pipettes
- Connection hoses, various
- Rubber caps, various
- Tube holder, wooden, 18 cm, for tubes 11-19 mm in diameter
- Tube brush and beaker

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