Forest Ecosystem - a package of 28 colourful filmograms with descriptions and work cards

Forest Ecosystem - a package of 28 colourful filmograms with descriptions and work cards

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MACHINE TRANSLATION (not authorised yet)

Package of 28 colour foil (per projector) in A4 format, containing a total of 151 wonderfully coloured photographs, careful drawings and diagrams (one foil contains between one and even a dozen or so thematically related images, e.g. parasites).

Aside from the descriptions on the foliographs, each one is accompanied by a text with an overview of the topic (see below) and task sheets (to be reproduced).

Aside from a detailed discussion of the importance of the forest for man and his environment (source of raw materials, water storage, air filter, silencer of harmful sounds, air conditioner, resting place, place of life for plants and animals), the package discusses among others such issues as: root and leaf structure (the role of different cells); development and structure of fungus; photosynezing/nutrition; food dependencies - chains, pyramid, net and weight; mycorrhiza; forest floors and their inhabitants; development and life of forest ants; construction and role of moss; comparison of moss and fern development and many others.

The images in the package are grouped as follows:

  1. Nature or NATURAL ALL?
    1. Various types of forests;
    2. What happens when a forest is missing?
    3. The light determines the growth and shape of the tree crown;
    4. Coniferous and deciduous trees;
    5. Deciduous trees;
    6. The advantages of a mixed forest
  2. Dr. Tree Construction Determination
    1. How do you make wood?
    2. The adaptation of leaves and needles to living conditions;
    3. Leaves in the sun and shade;
    1. Two forms of nutrition in the beech forest;
    2. Mulch and soiled animals;
    3. Developing mushrooms;
    4. The mushrooms and their growth forms;
    5. Tree roots;
  4. The forest's direction
    1. The forest's closing down;
    2. The causes of the forest's dying out;
    3. Printer's cork;
  5. Life in the woods
    1. Plants and animals - interdependencies
    2. Animals from different floors of the forest;
    3. The arrangement of the forest by forest ants
  6. Forest vegetation
    1. Mchy - the water storage in the forest;
    2. Comparison of moss and fern development
    3. Early spring flowers in the deciduous forest;
    4. Why do forest flower plants bloom early?
    5. Light and shadowy forest plants
  7. Looking for the forest
    1. The forest hazards;
    2. Tropical rainforest;
    3. Tropical forest hazards

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