Genetics - a package of 28 colourful filmograms with descriptions and work cards

Genetics - a package of 28 colourful filmograms with descriptions and work cards

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Package of 28 colour filmograms (per projector) in ca. A4 format, containing a total of more than 130 wonderful colour photographs and careful drawings (one film contains several thematically related pictures/drawings).

Aside from the descriptions on each folder, each folder is accompanied by a text with an overview of the topic and task cards (to be copied). Genetics and its directions of development is a topic that is difficult not to be encountered in everyday life today. It is worth understanding what the supporters and opponents of implementing some of the results of genetic research argue about. It is worth knowing which of them - especially in the field of medicine - some of us are waiting impatiently for.

Basic knowledge of genetics is essential for any educated person today. During the process of gaining this knowledge we can find out why today's domesticated cattle do not resemble their "slender" ancestors in anything, but we will also find out that the threatening slogan 'modification variability in plants and animals' is their natural way to survive.

The images included in the package represent:

  1. Grzegorz Mendel - creator of classical genetics
  2. Inheritance of dominant and recessive characteristics according to Mendel's laws
  3. One-generation inheritance with incomplete dominance
  4. The right of independent inheritance
  5. Testing cross (back)
  6. Gender-coupled inheritance
  7. Mitosis
  8. Mejoza
  9. The chromosome - Chromatid - DNA
  10. DNA structure
  11. Cellular cycle and DNA replication
  12. Protein biosynthesis
  13. Pet digestion and biosynthesis of animal proteins
  14. Blood and Rh factor inheritance
  15. Gender inheritance
  16. Gender-coupled inheritance: daltonism
  17. Gender-coupled inheritance: haemophilia
  18. Human gene mutation: PKU (phenylketonuria)
  19. Trisoma
  20. The genome mutation in wheat breeding
  21. Chromosome mutations in humans
  22. Hereditary diseases caused by gene mutations
  23. Prenatal diagnostics
  24. The twins' studies
  25. Modifications in plants and animals
  26. The UV rays change the genetic material
  27. Rearing - controlled inheritance
  28. Insulin and its preparation by genetic engineering techniques

The attached photos are small fragments of individual folios.

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