Radiator array with optical equipment

Radiator array with optical equipment

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A ray production set with optical equipment

The set includes an interestingly designed ray generation device and optical accessories for many reflections, refraction and color experiments. The instrument has a light source and a built-in lens and mirrors with adjustable tilt angles, which allow the production of parallel, convergent or divergent beams. It also incorporates guides for filters, diaphragms and mirrors. Two hinged side mirrors allow the light coming out of the side holes to reflect. Using different coloured filters, the two side beams of light can be moved forward and backward overlapping and mixing with the fixed central beam. The effect is visible on a screen set about 200 mm from the device. The coloured light beam coming from the front of the instrument can be "broken" and converted into one narrow beam (e.g. to show the spectra) or one, three or four narrow split light beams respectively by inserting a suitable masking plate (diaphragms). These rays and beams can be "coloured" by sliding the coloured filters into the guides at the front of the instrument.

The kit also includes a set of optical accessories that reflect, refract and colour the light beams so that they can be measured and tested: 5 different prisms, 3 different lenses, 3 different mirrors (mirrors), 2 double-sided diaphragms, 8 colour transparent filters and patterns. Power supply: 12 V. Laboratories without power supply can purchase it separately (power supply parameters: 3A, 12V).

The rich optical equipment of the set and its completeness make it possible to perform a number of classic school experiences in the field of optics, as well as in other fields related even indirectly to optics. The manual contains more than 30 experiences (described and drawn), including: light rays, mirrors, multiple reflections, parallax, focal length, aberrations, reflective surfaces, mirrors, refraction, total internal reflection, colour absorption, lenses and their focal lengths, curvature rays, colour mixing, spherical magnification, shadows.

Drawing (32 items):

A ray generation device (with built-in hinged mirrors, lens, side and front guides and light source)

Banana bushes (4 mm) - 2 pcs.

The block-pattern rectangular

The prism with angles of 45°-45°-90°

The prism with angles of 60°-30°-90°

Prism with angles of 60°-60°-60°

The block-pattern of semicircular

Double convex lens (wide)

Double convex lens (narrow)

Double concave lens

Diaphragm (diaphragm) double-sided with narrow gaps (1 and 2)

Double-sided masking plate (diaphragm) with wide gaps (1 and 3)

Flat mirror (on base)

The mirror of semicircular curvature

The mirror of parabolic curvature

A set of 8 color filters: red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, cyan, violet, mixing 3 colors;

A set of 8 boxes-colour templates: red, magenta, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet

Supplementary 12V 20W bulb

Instruction with experience description

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