Plant cells - 10 microscopic preparations

Plant cells - 10 microscopic preparations

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MACHINE TRANSLATION (not authorised yet)

  1. Cactus - cells with salt crystals
  2. Wild without black - stem, p.pp.
  3. The girl - multicellular hairs covering the leaf
  4. Marine-leaf, p.pp.
  5. Sunflower leaf, p.pp., multi-cellular hairs visible in the skin
  6. A water lily - stem with aerenchyma, p.pp.
  7. The white light, p.pp. stem (square)
  8. Potato - cross section
  9. Pollen grains, different
  10. The plant stem - isolated vessels of the conductive beam

Serious! For the convenience of users, especially at school during lessons, all the preparations in the set have an individual sticker on the basic slide with the number and Polish name of the preparation as described above, and not just the number and common list. This facilitates the use, distribution and collection of the preparations.

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