Thermal conductivity demonstration kit

Thermal conductivity demonstration kit

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The set consists of two insulating containers (polystyrene) with lids and an aluminium handle. Hot water is poured into one container and cold water is poured into the other. Laboratory glass thermometers on a scale from -10 to 110 degrees Celsius, mercury-free, and an aluminium stick are inserted into both containers. The experiment consists in observing and noting the temperature results on the thermometers at equal intervals (every few minutes). As a result of thermal convection, the temperature in one cup decreases and increases in the other; temperature equalization takes place after about 30 minutes.

The set is designed so that it can be used and stored as conveniently and safely as possible. The lids are in two colours - white (for cold water) and red (for hot water), with cut-out holes to fit the thermometers and a handle. The whole is placed in a box filled with sponge with cut-outs matching the elements of the set. Conveniently and effectively!

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