Thermometer water maker, professional

Water Sampler, professional, with Thermometer

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Professional water sampler with a thermometer and a line and ball mechanism automatically opening and closing the sampler, designed to take water samples from a specific depth.

Water Sampler is designed to collect approximately 1000 mL of sample water. The sampler is attached to a line, making it possible to take a sample at a specific depth. The weight of the sampler insures a rapid descent which minimizes drift resulting from water
currents. A special ball mechanism is activated to collect the sample at the chosen depth, when at the same time the sampler covers prevent the collected water sample from mixing with intermediate layers of water on the way back to the surface.

Thanks to its practical design it is a user-friendly device. Measured temperature range -10oC...+50oC. The thermometer is fixed inside and indicates the temperature of the sample flowing through the sampler's transparent chamber. The sampler is equipped with tap which prevents the sample from mixing and contaminating with atmospheric oxygen. The instrument is made of strong PVC and metal. Supplied with a 20-meter long nylon cord rolled up on the handle ended with a snap hook. Length of the sampler: 37 cm.

How to use the sampler?
1) Lower the water sampler to the depth desired in the chosen waterbody. As the sampler sinks the ball valves open and allow water to flow through the cylindrical chamber.
2) When the water sampler reaches the desired sample depth, the nylon line should be pulled three times to move the water sampler ca. 30 cm up and down the water column to eliminate any water remainings from previous depths.
3) Pull the water sampler out of the water and take the sample from the chamber using the tap.
4) The temperature should be read immediately after pulling the water sampler out of the waterbody.

Length: 37 cm.

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