Experiments with ice and water

Experiments with ice and water

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Experiments with ice and water are an ideal proposition for young explorers who want to learn the secrets of science. The set allows you to explain in an easy and accessible way such issues as: molecular structure of water, structure of the atom, polar structure of water, solubility, diffusion, states of matter, volume, density, physicochemical properties of water and ice. The accompanying instruction includes 30 step-by-step experiments, extended by 15 creative tasks that will encourage students to deepen their focus by developing creative thinking and manual skills. Children will be able to play and learn at the same time, observing and exploring the properties of water and ice in different states of matter, temperatures and conditions. The "Experiments with Ice and Water" set is a great way to develop curiosity about the world, manual skills and creative thinking.

Composition of the set: • 50 ml beaker • 100 ml container – 2 pcs. • plastic container • PS container – 200 ml • dye • balloon – 2 pcs. • magnifying glass with 3 enlargements • straw – 2 pcs. • silicone hose • Pasteur pipette • metal clip – 2 pcs. • ice bag • salt • soda • string • sponge • glove – 2 pcs. • stirrer • sticker sheet with animals • colored paper – 7 pcs.


  1. Water structure, atom, chemical formula | Creative task – We create a mock-up of a water molecule | Development of manual skills, learning the structure of the water molecule
  2. Convex water | Molecular structure, surface tension
  3. Floating Paper Clip | Surface tension
  4. Trickster detergent | Creative task – Soap bubbles Detergent action, surface tension, optics | Surface tension, detergent action
  5. Dancing Stream | Electric charge, structure of the atom, bipolar structure of water
  6. Mobile Molecules Diffusion | Creative Quest – Coloured Solutions | Mixing colors, sensitivity to beauty

  1. What disappears in the water | Solubility | Creative Quest – Galaxy in a Jar | Solubility, creative expression, sensitivity to beauty
  2. Thermophilic salt | Solubility, temperature| Creative task – Recovering salt | Crystallization, evaporation 
  3. A capacious glass | Solubility, saturated solution, unsaturated, volume, water level
  4. Oil and water – Friends or enemies? | Solubility, density, emulsifier | Creative Quest – Lava Lamp | Development of manual skills, sensitivity to beauty
  5. Wandering Drops | Solubility, density, states of matter
  6. Bubble ice | Solubility, air | Creative Quest – Creating the Ocean | States of water, animals of the Arctic, geography, ecology, manual skills
  7. Water in the air | Solubility, air | Creative Quest – Clouds and Rain | States of water, water circulation in nature, manual skills, creative expression

  1. Displacement water | Volume, water level,
  2. Dancing raisins | Density, buoyancy
  3. Game show "Swims or sinks" | Density, buoyancy
  4. Dense layers | Solubility, air
  5. Boat facing scales | Displacement, Archimedes' law | Creative task – We design ships | Displacement, density
  6. Playful salt | Density, buoyancy | Creative task – We create a Descartes diver | Displacement, pressure, gas compressibility, Pascal's law
  7. Upward water | Hydraulic lever, pressure, water level, gravity | Creative task – Waterworks Hydraulics, physics, water properties, manual skills

  1. The shape of water and ice | Properties of water and ice, surface of liquids | Creative quest – Ice rattle Properties of ice
  2. Growing Ice | Water anomaly, volume, density | Creative Quest - Water Animation | States of water, manual skills
  3. Drift Ice | Volume, density
  4. Ice jellyfish | Diffusion, temperature, density | Creative Quest – Colorful Vertigo | Mixing colors, sensitivity to beauty
  5. Ocean Level | Volume, density, physical state | Creative Quest - Glacier Island | Ecology, manual skills, water properties
  6. Salty ice | Temperature, physical state
  7. Ice Races | Temperature, states of matter
  8. Fishing | Melting, state of matter | Creative Quest - Ice Tower | Ecology, manual skills, water properties
  9. Ice Guide | Physical state, thermal conductor
  10. Sharp cord | Pressure, melting, physical state

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