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Thermal energy experiment kit with digital power supply

Thermal energy experiment kit with digital power supply

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The thermal energy experiment kit with digital power supply allows students to generate electricity using only the temperature difference. A Peltier cell is placed between a heat source (e.g. the hot side) and a cool reservoir (e.g. the cold side). The temperature difference between the two areas causes an electric current to flow inside the cell, which can be used to power various electrical devices. The power generated can be observed on the windmill (turbine) that is part of the kit.

The principle of heat transfer

Depending on the direction of current flow, heat is either absorbed from the cold side and released on the hot side (cooling mode) or absorbed from the hot side and released on the cold side (heating mode). This heat transfer process is due to the Peltier effect.

Product features:

  • Easy assembly: the kit is simple to assemble, making it easy to use for both students and teachers.
  • A module with a windmill to observe changes in the energy produced.
  • The Peltier cell allows electricity to be generated from a temperature difference.

Kit contents:

  • Borosilicate measuring beaker 100 ml,
  • Aid for experiments in thermal energy,
  • Universal laboratory tongs 200mm,
  • Non-contact thermometer -50°C to 380°C, Pyrometer
  • Demonstration power pack - w. extended (A), digital
  • Banana cables for stacking, 50cm, cpl.2

This kit will be perfect for adding variety to physics lessons, enabling students to understand the thermoelectric phenomenon and the generation of energy from temperature differences.

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