Basic set for organic and inorganic chemistry

Basic set for organic and inorganic chemistry

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The set contains 92 elements made of coloured plastic (earlier version: 86 elements) to build a wide range of chemical structures. The set includes models (52 pieces) of such elements as carbon, hydrogen, boron, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, phosphorus, halogens and metals. Each element is represented by 1-6 types of models; e.g. phosphorus is represented by three ball models with 5 and 3 holes and angles 90 and 120 and 107, and metals are represented by 6 models and can symbolize, among others, the following Cl, F, Na, Ca, Mg, Be, Al, Si, Cu. Bindings (e.g. single covalent, double, triple, ionic as well as complex and hydrogen - e.g. in the copper or ice ion) are symbolized by 3 types of connectors. Additional elements are models of elements with sp3, dsp3, d2sp3 structure (3 pieces) and 3 pear-shaped leaves representing free electron pairs (electron cloud). The elements of the set can be used to build large and legible structures - they are correct and clear.

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