Clock with fruit battery and electrochemistry experiment kit

Clock with fruit battery and electrochemistry experiment kit

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A fascinating experimental set, that is a clock powered by fruit and vegetables ("fruit cell")! The electrodes visible from the side are driven into the fruit/vegetable, incorporated into the electrical circuits being built and used to test the conductivity of various materials. The clock is powered on the same principle as modern batteries. Additional elements of the set allow to build very different electrical circuits, and also to prove that electric current flows in the circuits built by students, because there is a chemical reaction between metals and acids contained in fruits and vegetables... Pupils will also find out that in some experiments one lemon will be enough to light the LED and in others they will need three or even more lemons.

The set includes: • Digital clock module in apple-shaped plastic housing • Clock stand and beakers • LED with two wires •Electrodes: magnesium (Mg) – 2 pieces, copper (Cu) – 3 pieces, zinc (Zn) – 3 pieces, carbon (C) – 2 pieces • cables – 2 pcs. • crocodile clip - 6 pcs. • indicator strips • indicator strips • steel wool • 3V CR2032H battery • beaker PP 50 ml 2 pcs. •Stylus

Generally available materials such as water, vinegar, table salt, food soda, tea, and fruits and vegetables are also necessary to carry out the experiments.

A great set for conducting many spectacular and didactically useful experiments.

The attached manual includes presentations of physicochemical issues and the course of experiments and experiments with sometimes intriguing names: 1. Get a taste of electricity 2. Indicator solution 3. Indicator strips 4. Electromagnet 5. Led 6. Diode in alkaline solution 7. Carrot lamp 8. RUST 9. Tea faucet 10. Preparing a copper solution 11. Brown sediment 12. Alchemist 13. Sympathetic ink 14. Digital clock 15. Lemon clock (or lemon lamp) 16. Potato clock (or potato lamp)

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