JD Humanoid Robot (PL)

Product reference: Tec000031

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See the future! A humanoid robot that walks, dances, sings, does push-ups, writes and plays instruments, and even stands on its head? This is him - ROBOT JD HUMANOID (PL)! He is already in Poland and he can teach, play, explain the future ... Robotics can be friendly!

It can also track objects, recognize speech, and is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. ROBOT JD HUMANOID is a multitasking humanoid robot with amazing possibilities, and all this is housed in a simple, friendly and eye-catching design :-)

JD is programmable in block language and in several other popular coding languages. This means users can program the JD with custom movements, positions, dances, and even gymnastics! JD's eyes with RGB LEDs can display countless words while users learn about human-robot interactions and practical applications. Importantly, it comes from the experience of working and playing with JD - by working with this charming humanoid robot, amazing levels of involvement of boys and girls are achieved. JD ROBOT makes learning robotics fun and easy for everyone!

Our robot has all the features of an ideal teaching aid: - has a friendly design, - it is easy to fold (click, ...), - has elements, including key elements (engine, etc.) with increased durability (important in school conditions), - has easy-to-use software for beginners and advanced for advanced users, - it is tall enough to be treated like a real humanoid (H = 33 cm), and at the same time comfortable for individual and team work, - in case of damage or loss of parts - you can buy each of them (!) or ... print (plastic parts) on a 3D printer (downloadable materials - open source)!


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