Educational robot Shell-e

Educational robot Shell-e

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The Shell-e educational robot is a unique robot that you can print on a 3D printer yourself at school! Importantly, like its more sophisticated colleagues JD Humanoid and SIX, the six-legged educational robot includes a camera that allows it to machine learn the AI function of tracking and recognizing objects. The parts for assembling the robot include high-quality servos and the EZ-B IoTiny controller, with speaker to plug0in – thanks to which Shell-e can talk to us.

The robot comes with a ready-made design for 3D printing, which you can modify according to your imagination or create a completely new robot. This form of work with a 3D printer and robotics is conducive to cooperation in a group, teaches problem solving, exercises technical sense, and above all is great fun.

The Shell-e educational robot is programmable in block language and Scratch, as well as other popular coding languages (Python, JavaScript). This means that users can program it with custom movements, music or commands. The robot can track objects, recognize speech, and is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. All this is housed in an uncomplicated, friendly and pleasing to the eye design.


Wydrukuj robota SHell-e na swojej drukarce 3D

Wydrukuj robota SHell-e na swojej drukarce 3D

The Shell-e robot moves using two wheels driven by a controlled servo. Its design makes the user go through several educational stages.

1. First, he gains knowledge about the construction of robots, the functions of individual mechanisms.
2. Then he creates the robot design himself or uses the already available print and choosing his favorite colors, prints individual elements on the 3D Printer.
3. In the next step, it connects all the elements with each other and can proceed to calibration. The stable construction of the robot allows for quick calibration.
4. Then, depending on their programming knowledge, they choose the programming language they want to learn on the Arc platform. The robot itself has a ready-made code that allows you to move, use selected music, etc.

Pltforma do programowania robotów

Zestaw zawiera:

  • Servos (2)
  • EZ-B IoTiny robot controller and connection ports.
  • Speaker module
  • Camera module with cable
  • Network adapter 5. Cable with LED (2)
  • Battery panel (6x AA battery not included)
  • Wheel (2 pcs.)
  • ARC Software - PC The EZ-Robots are programmed using ARC, a comprehensive and easy-to-use robotics software. The intuitive interface allows beginners to succeed quickly, while more experienced users can program advanced artificial intelligence features such as speech recognition or visual object tracking - the kind of capabilities usually only seen in sci-fi movies. ARC is used to teach robotics to thousands of students around the world and is an ideal choice for teachers who want to bring a high level of engagement to a wide range of STEM lessons. Minimum Recommended Operating System Requirements: Minimum Windows 10, Intel i5 equivalent processor, 4 GB RAM. ARC Mobile App - Control and program your EZ-Robot robot from your Android or iOS mobile device, phone or tablet. Introductory material on programming in RoboScratch and Blockly, creating conditional statements and variables, creating loops Access to customizable robot parts files that can be printed on a 3D Printer

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