ARTESIAN WELL: functional model

ARTESIAN WELL: functional model

Product reference: GEO000109

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A model of an artesian well demonstrating how to use the laws of physics and connected vessels to extract water from underground aquifers. The model also shows the operation of the sub-Artesian well, whose resources are often used, for example, on farms and places to which access to water supply is difficult.

On the mock-up, in addition to the operation of the artesian and subartesian wells, two water supply zones were placed, which, thanks to "rainfall" simulated by water poured into the funnels, graphically show the way aquifers function, based on the principles of construction of connected vessels. The set includes three interchangeable backgrounds and dyes, which allows you to demonstrate the penetration of impurities, which then get into deep water. The backgrounds show the layout of the layers.

The model-mock-up is an excellent way to illustrate the differences and similarities in the functioning of the artesian and subartesian wells, their definition, as well as the circulation of pollutants that have arisen as a result of human action.

The set includes:
  • Model of a well model with two power zones and the possibility of replacing the background for demonstrating the operation of artesian and subartesian wells
  • Three replaceable waterproof backgrounds showing diagrams of aquifers, power zones and wells, including one background showing environmental degradation due to pollution
  • Plastic beaker • Container for storing the model, which is also the base of the mock-up and water tank
  • Dyes: blue and red
  • Instruction with overview for the teacher
  • Checking cards for the student

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